The European Regional Development Fund co-finances the replacement of the lighting systems in three of the industrial buildings of CONSTRUCCIONES NAVALES P. FREIRE, S.A.

The European Union supports energy saving and energy efficiency projects under the 2014-2020 Feder-Galicia operational program and within this frame Freire shipyard have been awarded, through the Energy Institute of Galicia (INEGA), a subsidy of € 12,350.43.

The subsidized project focuses on the installation of LED lighting in three of the warehouses where we carry out our activities; this has required an investment of € 30,876.08.

This work has been accomplished by the company Altenergy and has meant a considerable improvement in the energy efficiency of the company.

Complying with the requirements of the UNE 12464.1 standard, the level of illumination has been increased, achieving greater uniformity in the interior of the warehouses.

Consumption has been reduced by 73%, reaching an annual saving of € 9,000, which means that thanks to the financial support of the Feder, the depreciation period will not exceed 3 years.

Finally, the CO2emissions derived from the energy consumption of the company will decrease by 24 tons per year, making the project a success.

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