Launch of the “pearl” of the United Arab Emirates

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler’s representative in the Al Dhafra region and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), recently launched the oceanographic research vessel, Jaywun, built and designed by Construcciones Navales P. Freire, S.A. (Freire Shipyard). At this event, which took place in Abu Dhabi, was unveiled the naming of the vessel, “Jaywun”, which is a local term for one of the most valuable types of pearl due to its purity.

This project aims to strengthen marine scientific research capabilities nationally and globally. Jaywun will serve as a stage for the EDA’s Ocean World Discovery project, which aims to study the effects of climate change and monitor marine biodiversity in the United Arab Emirates. The vessel will also support other environmental initiatives, such as the Blue Carbon Assessment Project for Ocean Fisheries, the region’s first blue carbon ocean fisheries assessment study.

Key features

This oceanographic research vessel stands out for its straight bow design, with an overall length of 47.10 metres, a beam of 12.00 metres and a draught of 4.20 metres. It has a speed of 13 knots and a range of 25 days at 11 knots. Its ecological solutions are another important factor. Its two shaft lines, each driven by a 1,840 kW propulsion engine and complemented by a 200 kW electric motor (PTI), together with the thorough hydrodynamic study of the hull, allow the Jaywun to offer 100% electric mode navigation at low speeds, lower fuel consumption and lower pollutant emissions. This also allows for high on-board comfort and low noise impact for the personnel on board, a key factor in scientific research missions.

Jaywun can accommodate 29 people (18 crew and 11 scientists) and is equipped with the latest research equipment. It also includes 6 laboratories and a remotely operated underwater vehicle. It is also equipped with several winches and gantries, as well as echo sounders for scientific purposes, such as two multi-beam probes or one for fishing purposes.

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