Keel laying of the new Maintenance Support Vessel for Briggs Marine at Freire Shipyard

In a significant milestone for maritime excellence, the keel laying event for Briggs Marine‘s versatile Maintenance Support Vessel at the Freire Shipyard marks the beginning of a groundbreaking journey in maritime support. “The Freire Shipyard team is thrilled to witness this event right here at our shipyard. It represents the start of what we believe will be a game-changer in maritime support. We are excited to be part of this innovative journey that will enhance maritime support capabilities for years to come,” explains the Freire Shipyard team.


Collieson Briggs, Managing Director of Briggs Marine Contractors, said, “It’s great to see building has started on the vessel which will further enhance our marine project support capability for the expanding renewables sector, as well as the traditional marine construction industry in which Briggs Marine has built its reputation on over the past 50 years.”


The vessel’s design is optimally configured to support Briggs’ ongoing contracts with UK Government, offshore wind farms and commercial ports. The vessel will primarily undertake inspection, servicing, and replacement of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and heavy inshore moorings in the UK and overseas, but also will seamlessly handle various tasks such as diving, surveys, and maintenance support while maintaining its core functionality. Notable features include a moonpool, detachable A-frame, a 4-point mooring system, and a survey project office. Additionally, the design incorporates a demountable Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) boarding ladder to support offshore windfarm projects.


This upcoming construction, scheduled for delivery in 2024, boasts a length of 40 meters and utilizes a diesel-electric DP-2 propulsion system, carefully configured for peak efficiency during operations in UK and Northern European Waters. Briggs places a premium on crew comfort, evident through the vessel’s noise reduction enhancements and MLC compliant accommodation for the 6-person crew and 10 project personnel.

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